Good morning, Everyone. “Bones in the Tree” 41-page novella is available for Free on Smashwords. It’ll be available later today on Amazon and B&N. The blurbs go like this:

Her parents dead and marriage over, Karen returns to Maine to rebuild her life. An irritating furry neighbor and tombstones in her backyard play surprising roles as she endures one disastrous date after another.

Extended Description:

What were her parents thinking when they opted for burial in the backyard? Karen didn’t know but finds herself talking more and more to their tombstones as her personal life descends into chaos.

Her marriage in flames and dating life little more than one catastrophe after another, she finds herself turning to a furry, acorn-throwing neighbor for solace.

Can the fresh air and slow pace of life in Menyon Falls heal her broken heart, or will returning to Maine be the biggest mistake of her life?

Come find out in this quirky and surprisingly emotional novella from “Maine’s Other Author”(TM)Tim Greaton.

13,500 words (41 pages)